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SUNRISE Information Services (SUNRISE) is a private research centre focused on the study of controversial areas of science, conducts and publishes independent research, and makes information and tools available directly to the public of greatest stability and considered most useful and timeless in the 21st century and beyond in terms of the long term benefits to people and the environment, as well as promoting new ideas and ways of thinking and solving problems.

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Can UFOs Advance Science?
A New Look at the Evidence

UFOs have been observed since antiquity and continue to be spotted to this day. While many can be explained as natural and man-made phenomena such as planets, stars, aircraft and weather balloons, a small hard-core percentage of UFOs described as strange symmetrical metallic and glowing objects has continued to mystify the scientists. Now a new concise and simple scientific analysis of the mystery will, for the first time, solve the mystery. This book reveals the answer. And it is true, there is a new electromagnetic technology to be found in the UFO reports.

Roswell book cover

Roswell Revealed

Evidence for a mysterious electromagnetic device made of a smooth and symmetrical nature and containing a shape-memory metallic exterior to retain its original shape may now be available. Something definitely crashed in the desert not far from Roswell, New Mexico, on the night of July 2, 1947, after being hit by lightning and it is not looking like anything man-made or natural based on the purity of the titanium-based shape-memory alloy used to construct the object. Now new scientific information has emerged regarding the dark-grey shape-memory metallic Roswell foil sent to Wright-Patterson AFB for analysis showing it could not have been produced in 1947, yet it had to be artificially made given the purity and great difficulties in manufacturing this alloy. If this is true, it will challenge any secret military experiment explanation. So what exactly does the USAF have hidden away from the public?

Contacts management solution

SUNRISE Contacts 2014

The alternative contacts and general information management tool. We pride ourselves on providing you with a spyware-free and privacy-protected product for your personal use. You will never have to worry about this product surreptitiously sending personal information to advertisers, software manufacturers (including Apple), or anyone else without your consent.

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