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SUNRISE Information Services (SUNRISE) is a private research center aimed at producing original, stable, interesting and easy-to-read educational and research information for the global community (with special emphasis on the study of controversial areas of science), while uncovering new and original knowledge.

We also provide software tools that are intended to be of greatest stability and considered most useful and timeless in the 21st century and beyond.

Albert Einstein's
Unified Field Theory

A New Interpretation
(Revised and Expanded Edition)

Book cover for Unified Field Theory by SUNRISE Information Services

ISBN: 978 0 994282 68 2 (U.S. English)
ISBN: 978 0 994282 67 5 (Intern. English)
Availability: In Stock
Number of pages: 536
Non Fiction / Science
6.000 in W | 9.000 in H
152mm W | 229mm H

Price: 34.95 USD
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Want to know the secret behind Einstein's final great theory? Now you can. This intriguing book explains some of the biggest problems of science from a purely electromagnetic perspective. Forget the idea of a gravitational field or the mysterious strong and weak nuclear forces holding matter together. Everything can be explained using light, or radiation, as the one and only fundamental force of nature in the universe. The book explores the brave new world Einstein has opened up for all of us thanks to his final amazing theory. Included are new explanations for the mystery of gravity and universal gravitation, the famous double-slit experiment in quantum theory, the size and age of the universe, the secret to immortality, the link between light and God, and much more.

Sure to grab the attention of scientists and make them rethink their current theories. The average reader will also be impressed by the easy explanations. This is the first book of its kind to fully explain Einstein's final great theory.

About this revised and expanded edition

The book now comes with a streamlined chapter on the mystery of who or what God is, and expanded the concept of balance when looking at the gender debate for religious leaders, especially for those working in the Roman Catholic Church in a separate new appendix. Also included is the latest research information on the ageing process, together with numerous enhancements throughout all chapters.

This is the world's easiest book ever written on Einstein's final great theory.

Can UFOs Advance Science?

A New Look at the Evidence

Book cover for Can UFOs Advance Science? by SUNRISE Information Services

ISBN: 978 0 957735 05 7 (U.S. English)
ISBN: 978 0 957735 07 1 (Intern. English)
Availability: In Stock
Number of pages: 394
Non Fiction / Science
6.000 in W | 9.000 in H
152mm W | 229mm H

Price: 29.95 USD
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UFOs have been observed since antiquity and continue to be spotted to this day. While many can be explained under a range of natural and man-made phenomena such as planets, stars, aircraft and weather balloons, a small hard-core percentage of UFOs providing considerable details of a strange symmetrical metallic and glowing object flying in the air has continued to mystify the scientists. Naturally one must ask, What are these UFOs?

In 1969, a US government-sponsored study by the University of Colorado headed by nuclear physicist Dr Edward U. Condon claimed that UFO reports represented nothing new to science and, therefore, will not advance our scientific knowledge.

With marks left on the ground and witnesses who have suffered from radiation poisoning, burns, being knocked to the ground by light beams, and other medical conditions in the presence of these objects, a growing number of the hard-core reports are revealing some kind of electromagnetic phenomena.

Is this true?

Now a new concise and simple scientific analysis of the mystery will blow away the 1969 conclusion thanks to an amazing new discovery that will shock some readers. This book reveals for the first time the answer to the genuine UFO reports.

What is the secret?

The secret lies in an obscure mathematical formula found only in a few advanced university textbooks on electromagnetism. Not fully understood by other scientists, it involves the emission of radiation from the surface of a charged object. From this type of emission and the resultant exponential acceleration that takes place, we can now explain the observations of the more unusual symmetrical and glowing UFOs. All that is required is to test and build the world's first electromagnetic spacecraft based on this concept.

If you like to know more about this concept and where we are today regarding these enigmatic flying objects, as well as how close we are to entering the next amazing new chapter for humankind in the next few years, feel free to read the world's most insightful and accurate book ever written on this subject.

Roswell Revealed

The New Scientific Breakthrough
into the Controversial UFO Crash of 1947
(Revised and Expanded Edition)

Book cover for Roswell Revealed by SUNRISE Information Services

ISBN: 978 0 994282 63 7 (U.S. English)
ISBN: 978 0 994282 64 4 (Intern. English)
Availability: Available from 1 Nov 2016
Number of pages: 530
Non Fiction / Science
6.000 in W | 9.000 in H
152mm W | 229mm H

Price: 32.95 USD
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Something crashed in the desert not far from Roswell, New Mexico, on the night of July 2, 1947, after being hit by lightning, causing a massive explosion and scattering a large amount of supertough and extremely lightweight materials over a vast area as it tried to speed away from the thunderstorm. And among the materials found was a newspaper-thin and extremely tough dark-greyish foil with the uncanny ability to return to its original shape.

All of the materials picked up by the U.S. Air Force (USAF) and U.S. Army were thorouhgly scientifically analysed at Wright-Patterson AFB. Despite the scientific literature showing a clear interest in titanium-based shape-memory alloys by the USAF almost immediately after the event including one distinctly dark-greyish and most powerful of its type known as nickel-titanium (NiTi), the USAF is still sticking to the view that the wreckage found was a weather balloon made of aluminium foil and other ordinary materials, whereas any so-called "victims" are allegedly nothing more than ordinary dummies used in the experiment.

Witnesses disagree on the basis of the extremely tough nature of the materials, including the behaviour of the metal foil that can only be explained by scientists today using the latest scientific knowledge on shape-memory alloys. Whatever the foil was, the toughness of all the materials has convinced Roswell military personnel who examined the wreckage as supporting a much faster moving flying object and something that was not man-made. Furthermore, the victims found during the recovery operation looked too real and not of the usual human or other earthly humanoid animal we are familiar with. With the main body of the object found some distance away and described as disc-shaped, the Roswell case is seen by the witnesses as one of the most unusual events in living memory.

Now new scientific information has emerged regarding the dark-grey shape-memory metallic Roswell foil sent to Wright-Patterson AFB for analysis. Not only will this information support the witnesses, but it will challenge any secret military experiment and weather balloon explanation.

About this revised and expanded edition

The book that started the controversy in the United States, with its remarkable insight into the dark-grey nickel-titanium (NiTi) shape-memory alloy known as nitinol and its link to the Roswell foil and the secret work carried out by the USAF after 1947 into nitinol and other titanium-based shape-memory alloys, is now fully revised and expanded. This edition contains the latest information on nitinol’s physical properties and history, including a new chapter that looks at alternative materials and explains how likely it is that these materials could be used to explain the Roswell foil.

Was the Roswell foil nitinol or some NiTi-X variant? Can we assume the USAF did not work on shape-memory alloys in the late 1940s? Could it, or any other entity in the world, have created nitinol or any other titanium-based shape-memory alloy in 1947 and in quantities sufficient to build a large weather balloon or aircraft to carry passengers and pilots? And what exactly did crash in July 1947 that prompted the USAF to keep quiet about the shape-memory foil and the “victims” found on a local rancher’s property?

You be the judge as the book explores the latest history behind the Roswell case and further scientific insights into the mysterious shape-memory foil found by witnesses and the military, all in an easy-to-read book.

SUNRISE Contacts

Version 2017

SUNRISE Contacts user interface design showing the Contacts layout

Availability: Download from this web site
System Requirements: Mac (OS X Mavericks or higher) and PC (Windows 7 or higher)
Size: 227.95 MB (Mac), 188.05 MB (PC)
Language: English

Price: Free for Contacts organizer
55.00 USD for standard lookup databases.

A powerful contacts and general information management tool designed to be spyware-free and privacy-protected for your personal or business use. This is one of the better Contacts Relationship Management (CRM) tools available on the market by design. It is also constantly updated by our developers to be the most flexible and useful tool of its type while ensuring a sense of simplicity in its interface and workflow for many users.

We are also independent of the major software manufacturers (Apple, Microsoft etc.), governments, and the military and intelligence organisations to ensure this tool respects your need for security and your right to privacy.

The contacts component (i.e., contacts.fmp12) is free and unlimited. So no need to purchase anything. However, if you find this tool to be useful to you and wish to support our work (new features will be added in future versions), feel free to purchase our license key to unlock the full power and versatility of SUNRISE Contacts. The license key will give you full access to all the standard lookup databases (e.g., music.fmp12, jobs.fmp12 etc.).

And yes, you can make your own suggestions on how we can make this tool even better. Just use our online message sender, or email us.


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