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SUNRISE Information Services (SUNRISE) is a private research centre focused on the study of controversial areas of science, conducts and publishes independent research, and makes information and tools available directly to the public of greatest stability and considered most useful and timeless in the 21st century and beyond in terms of the long term benefits to people and the environment, as well as promoting new ideas and ways of thinking and solving problems.

Albert Einstein's
Unified Field Theory

A New Interpretation

Unified Field Theory book cover

978 0 957735 08 8 (International English)
978 0 957735 09 5 (U.S. English)
Softcover / Full Colour
$29.95 USD / $33.75 CAD / € 22.95 / $34.95 AUD
Non Fiction / Science
442 pages
6.000 in W | 9.000 in H
152mm W | 229mm H
Status: Forthcoming

Dr Albert Einstein's best kept secret is finally revealed in this extraordinary new book. For the first time you will discover the thought experiments and the interpretation Einstein had made when he decided to develop and publish his Unified Field Theory. And no, you do not need to be Einstein to understand the theory.

There is a serious misconception from Einstein's contemporaries that his approach to a Unified Field Theory got him nowhere and that his mathematical linking of the electromagnetic and gravitational fields in his unified field equations would not explain the weak and strong nuclear forces and anything else about the quantum world. Furthermore, it is often said that any kind of unified field theory will be incredibly complex to understand. Mathematically, this would be the case since the aim is to describe with absolute precision the infinitely sharp path taken by any charged or so-called uncharged object(s) moving under the influence of the electromagnetic and gravitational fields. But the actual explanation and direct relationship to something in the real world to support this unified field concept will surprise many scientists for its remarkable simplicity.

Without giving away too much (the book will reveal all you need to know), let us just say that Einstein's Unified Field Theory is really all about seeing the universe in a purely electromagnetic way with light/radiation being the unified field. That was the whole aim of Einstein's work, and he knew it by 1922 when he tentatively published his Unified Field Theory but withdrew it on the grounds it was incomplete (the mathematics that is, not the idea). He got the mathematics right by 1929, but the idea had not changed. He already figured out how to unify the fields. He even knew the condition required of the electromagnetic field to create this unified field i.e., it had to be oscillating, because this was the fundamental problem he was trying to solve in the first place. There was something about light that made him realise the gravitational field had to be combined.

Now, the question that physicists need to ask themselves is whether all the forces of nature and any other mysteries of science can be explained from a purely electromagnetic perspective using the concept of light or radiation as the fundamental particle influencing all things. That is the key to solving the Unified Field Theory. Do that, and the solution will be simple and elegant in all its glory.

Not sure how? Learn how from this new book. Discover how all things in the universe can be explained using electromagnetism as the fundamental law of the universe with radiation, or light in its most general sense, being the unified field. Included are new explanations for gravity and universal gravitation, the famous double-slit experiment in quantum theory as well as other interesting and seemingly bizarre quantum phenomena, the size and age of the universe, the secret to immortality and why we age over time, the link between light and God, what is dark matter and dark energy, and much more.

Sure to grab the attention of scientists and make them rethink their current theories. The average reader will also be impressed by the easy explanations. This is the first book of its kind to fully explain Einstein’s final great theory.

Can UFOs Advance Science?

A New Look at the Evidence

UFO book cover

978 0 957735 06 4 (International English)
978 0 957735 02 6 (U.S. English)
Softcover / Full Colour
$29.95 USD / $29.95 CAD / €23.95
Non Fiction / Science
398 pages
6.000 in W | 9.000 in H
152mm W | 229mm H
Status: Available Now

UFOs have been observed since antiquity and continue to be spotted to this day. While many can be explained as natural and man-made phenomena such as planets, stars, aircraft and weather balloons, a small hard-core percentage of UFOs described as strange symmetrical metallic and glowing objects has continued to mystify the scientists. Now a new concise and simple scientific analysis of the mystery will, for the first time, solve the mystery. This book reveals the answer. And it is true, there is a new electromagnetic technology to be found in the UFO reports. In fact, if you know how universal gravitation works from an electromagnetic perspective according to Einstein's Unified Field Theory, you will know how this electromagnetic technology works. And it is simpler than you think.

Furthermore, there is something else about a moving charged surface and what is contained in light that gives this technology an added kick. You can understand this from the Unified Field Theory book. This UFO book shows the application of this additional knowledge thanks to one unusual formula in electromagnetism.


Roswell Revealed

Roswell book cover

ISBN 978 0 957735 04 0 (International English)
ISBN 978 0 957735 00 2 (U.S. English)
Softcover / B&W
$24.95 USD / $24.95 CAD / €19.95
Non Fiction / Science
373 pages
6.000 in W | 9.000 in H
152mm W | 229mm H
Status: Forthcoming

Evidence for an electromagnetic device having been brought down by lightning, with all the classic hallmarks of a smooth and symmetrical metallic and glowing disk, together with smooth skintight metallic suits worn by the occupants, may now be available. And this time we may have the added engineering insight into the outer metallic surface used to construct the disk: it appears to be made of the world's most powerful titanium-based shape-memory alloy.

Something definitely crashed in the desert not far from Roswell, New Mexico, on the night of July 2, 1947, after being hit by lightning, causing a massive explosion and scattering of supertough and extremely lightweight materials over a vast area as it tried to speed away from the thunderstorm, and it is not looking like anything man-made or natural based on the incredible purity of the titanium-based shape-memory alloy used to construct the object (not to mention the description for the occupants in question). The USAF prefers to describe the object as a secret weather balloon made of aluminium, whereas the so-called "victims" are allegedly nothing more than ordinary dummies used in the experiment.

Now new scientific information has emerged regarding the dark-grey shape-memory metallic Roswell foil observed by witnesses including military personnel who were ordered to recover the materials. We know the materials, including the top secret foil, were sent to Wright-Patterson AFB for analysis and later became the subject of secret studies after 1947 with assistance from the world famous scientific establishment in Ohio — the Battelle Memorial Institute. And the reason for asking outside scientific assistance will reveal why the dark-grey shape-memory foil could not have been produced in 1947. We know the object was artificially made given the purity and great difficulties in manufacturing this alloy. Even the USAF has acknowledged this fact. The problem is, how did the USAF work it out and construct the top secret military flying object prior to getting the scientific community involved in studying the alloy after 1947?

There is only one reason, and it will challenge any secret military experiment explanation.

So what exactly does the USAF have hidden away from the public to this day?

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