Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory

His Final Scientific Legacy

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ISBN: 978 0 648586 09 8 (U.S. English)
ISBN: 978 0 994282 69 9 (Intern. English)
Number of pages: 350
Non Fiction / Science
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About this book

There has been a well-kept secret behind Einstein's final great scientific legacy known as the Unified Field Theory. Despite the scientific community having been aware of the theory's attempt to link the electromagnetic field with the gravitational field, it seemed that for a long time, both physicists and mathematicians alike could never figure out exactly how to interpret the unified field equations and with it an understanding of the type of electromagnetic field (whether static or oscillating) that would influence the gravitational field. Even more perplexing to the scientists has been finding ways to test the fundamental concept lying at the heart of Einstein's theory and, with it, identify potentially useful practical applications of the concept of benefit to humankind. Now the secret has finally come out.

Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory - A New Interpretation is the first book to present Einstein's work and his reasoning for developing his Unified Field Theory in a way that the average person on the street with basic science knowledge can understand and appreciate. You do not need to be a mathematical genius or a famous physicist like Einstein to work it out. No longer does the work have to be left in the realm of the too hard basket. Indeed, why does the theory have to be seen as complicated? There is a simple concept Einstein had figured out well before he ever committed himself to writing his first mathematical symbol to paper when he produced his final theory. Finally, this book reveals what this concept is based on the concerns he had about a particular natural electromagnetic phenomenon we all know about.

Thanks to this concept, the book can give an insight into how we can explain the greatest mysteries of the universe using electromagnetism as the fundamental law of the universe with radiation, or light in its most general sense, being the unified field.

For example, how do we explain: