SUNRISE Contacts 2023

Your personal electronic organizer has arrived. So make it your own

About this software

A powerful information organizer built for efficiency, simplicity, and the ability to personalise the software to suit your personal life or company branding. We also seek a solution that is independent (i.e., we are not affiliated or controlled by Apple Inc., the government, the military, or any other company or organisation) and able to run without needing to be connected to the internet. Should the internet be available, additional information and features can be accessed and kept.

This software starts off with a free Contacts organizer tool. Use it as you see fit, for as long as you like. No restrictions in the number of records you can create or type of information you want to store and organize. Apart from storing your contact details, this tool has a variety of features, such as built-in function and statistic plotters, a calculator with scientific functions, send HTML and Plain Text emails (for receiving emails, we recommend CNS POP3it Pro), text encryption and decryption, keep track of important events in the calendar, archive all kinds of electronic documents (you have a choice of storing files externally, internally, or both), perform OCR on scanned documents (for Mac users on macOS 12.5 or higher), and various helpful tools to help manage your Mac or PC. And this is just the start with your Contacts organizer tool.

For additional features and access to a wide range of lookups/add-ons to help expand the capabilities of your CRM, grab a license key now.

Download Current Version 2023 v1.4.5
Grab the App

Go to the home page and select software. Includes the exact file size in bytes*.

System Requirements
How to Run

FileMaker Pro 17 - 19 (or use the supplied Intel-based Runtime app which works on M1 Macs with Rosetta installed), or the free FileMaker Go (for iOS devices, but still waiting for the version from Apple to run on M1 Macs as the alternative to the Runtime app. Zzzzz...).

Mac Requirements

OS X Sierra or higher (including macOS Monterey) using the free Runtime app supplied, or purchase Claris FileMaker or Claris Pro.

PC Requirements

Windows 7 or higher (including Windows 11) on Intel-based PCs using the free Runtime app supplied, or purchase Claris FileMaker or Claris Pro.

Disk space

Minimum 1.16GB disk space plus 1 or more GB for storing videos, audio, large digital eBooks, and high-resolution pictures or if you intend to purchase add-ons.


Learn more about how to make SUNRISE Contacts secure and why we think security is important in any database.

Getting Started

For information about how to get started using SUNRISE Contacts.

2023 v1.4.5

Entering a new phase with this product in which very little work is required to fix things. In this update, we have enhanced the email sending and receiving scripts in contacts.fmp12 for greater flexibility with new universal JSON engine to centralise key information needed by different email sending and receiving apps, and so make it easier to "bake in" the scripts and to add new apps in the future, such as future OAuth 2.0 accounts outside of Google and Microsoft. We have also dropped SMTPit Pro as it continues to be a hassle to get working with any kind of change and is more complex to implement than other methods (unless users have a request for its re-introduction in the future). For HTML email sending, you can use the built-in "Send From URL" option. POP3it Pro is retained for receiving emails and continues to work fine with any kind of changes to the script. All databases have been updated with the latest email scripts.

Further Improvements

From now on, it is up to users to decide how they wish to use this product, so feel free to send your feedback to us.

* Instead of code-signed apps, you only need to check the download file size is equal to the number of bytes shown (see the home page). We don't restrict the app in any hidden way through code-signing or other special programming as Apple can do with its own apps. As a further security measure, only download the software from the SUNRISE home page. This is your guarantee of an original app from SUNRISE.