SUNRISE Contacts 2021

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About this software

A powerful contacts relationship management (CRM) and general information organizer built and designed on the award-winning FileMaker Pro 16 to 19 platform. The free CRM component can be used for business or personal use without any time or record restrictions. You are free to use it as you like forever. For more advanced and additional features and access to lookups/add-ons, activate them with a license key (and, incidentally, your support will help us to create even better software for you).

CRM Advantages

  1. Unlimited storage of contacts and other types of information.
  2. One line entry of names (let the database do the work of organising first name, last name etc.).
  3. Store important documents and compose new ones.
  4. Store a common set of document templates for re-use later.
  5. Alphabetical ordering of documents on-the-fly.
  6. Quick and handy category system for organising and finding events, projects, contacts etc.
  7. Calendar system for organising to do lists, memos, messages or any other kind of information.
  8. Powerful project management tools, including Gantt Charts and timelines.
  9. Print common labels.
  10. Flexible notes design for diary, general note taking or other application.
  11. Email sending (free), and receiving (using POP3it Pro plug-in).
  12. Create invoices to print on paper, send by email, or send to PayPal or QuickBooks Online.
  13. Type once and forget web address viewer/browser. Enjoy the freedom of navigating records and watch web pages load automatically.
  14. Lookup databases available to expand the capabilities of SUNRISE Contacts.
  15. Why wait to get what you want? Use this tool right now.

Lookups Advantages

  1. Focus on more specialised information provided by dedicated lookup databases.
  2. Expand the power and flexibility of your core CRM.
  3. Amazing range of "Swiss Army knife" features and functions, such as generating barcodes, HTML editor, photo editor, ISBN converters, JS/HTML music player and audio visualizers, to name a few.
  4. Regularly updated.
  5. Request changes and we will update the lookups to suit your line-of-work.
  6. Use File-->Import-->Previous Version to quickly transfer your data to the latest lookup version.
  7. Create your own database solutions in FileMaker Pro and add them to this product for a seamless and integrated solution.


  1. Requires a computer to run (either PC, Mac, an iOS device, and starting from mid 2021, an Android device or else purchase FileMaker Server for access in a web browser)
  2. You need a reliable source of electricity to run the computer.
  3. If you don't have either of the above, your best bet is a pen and notepad.

More about this product

Not your average software tool. Unlike other products that require you to store your data on the Cloud for them to work, we do not think "crossing your fingers in the hope that those Cloud services will always be available" is the way to go. It is better to start from the premise that you might be required to use your product without restrictions and needing to be on the internet all the time. This is why we created SUNRISE Contacts.

A database tool to store confidential information should be personal and kept securely. In fact, we emphasise the word "Personal" in "Personal Computing" when protection your personal or business confidential information and contacts, rather than "communal" or "share it with everyone" form of "Cloud Computing" (1). Being personal and confidential with your data is what improves the security of your valuable data held in a database solution. Don't believe the pundits who say you must always store everything in the Cloud. If you want a backup on the Cloud, go for it. Indeed we recommend it while it is securely protected and encrypted with a password. But the Cloud should not be essential to running your software. It is your information, not someone else's, especially in an age where hackers are online trying desperately to access such information. Let's face it, you should not be at the whim of online service providers forcing you to keep your data on their servers as a requirement to use their software. Why should you? Should they suddenly go bust or there is a security breach, you have no way of getting your data back, let alone re-create the work done on the data (even worse if you have spent months creating and organising your highly crafted data and lovely dashboards only to see it suddenly all go down the gurgler), or where the data has gone and how it is being used. And even when a service provider is online, why should you be continuously paying them for the privilege of accessing your own data? Nor do you have to sign away (and give away if you don't encrypt the data) your intellectual property rights to your information and any essential business confidential documents (e.g., patents) through complicated online contracts setup by online service providers just to use services from Google, Apple and others. Of course, we are not saying having internet access has no benefit. Rather, what we are saying is that, with the internet, you should expect enhancements to your software and to achieve more. However, in no way should the internet stop you from doing your work in the event it should become unavailable to you or you need to be more secure.

Among the quiet enhancements you will receive with SUNRISE Contacts when on the internet (with extra features unlocked when you purchase a license key) include Google Maps / OpenStreetMap, Google Translate, PayPal/QuickBooks invoice creation, Amazon OCR, Amazon voice-to-text recognition services, and access to Amazon's s3 file servers to store files and create links for people to download, just to name a few. What's that? You say you don't have internet access? Ah, don't worry! We won't stop you from using SUNRISE Contacts. Just run it on your computer. When internet access suddenly becomes available, you can always benefit from those extra features. Until then, feel free to enjoy your software the way it is intended — that is, on your "personal" computer (not on someone else's).

Of course, this is just the tip-of-the-iceberg. SUNRISE Contacts comes with a range of powerful database add-ons (or lookups as we call them) to help enhance your CRM. Think of lookups as like plug-ins. If you want to do more with your software, just add a plug-in and use it.

To learn more about the lookups you can add to SUNRISE Contacts, visit this page (will include some YouTube videos to explain how to use the tools). There are also a standard range of lookups already included with the free CRM and ready to be activated with a license key if you want access to them.

For something with reduced long-term costs and access to your information at all times, at least you have a choice with SUNRISE Contacts!

Grab the App Visit the home page, select SOFTWARE (SUNRISE CONTACTS), and choose a download link. Also includes exact file size in bytes*.

System Requirements

OS X 10.11 El Capitan or higher (including macOS 10.15 Catalina).


Windows 7 or higher (including Windows 10).

Disk space

Minimum 580MB disk space, recommended 1GB or higher depending on number of videos, audio, large digital eBooks, and high-resolution pictures stored in the software.

Additional tools required

No additional tools are required to run. However, for enhanced features, purchase a license key and also consider running on FileMaker Pro 16 or higher. For online access, use FileMaker Server 16 or higher (we recommend FileMaker Server 18, or preferably 19 to benefit from accurate reproduction of card layouts for a near perfect re-creation of all layout designs using WebDirect). (2)


The CRM component (contacts.fmp12) is free to use with no time or record restrictions. To access additional features and open up lookup databases, we recommend you purchase a license key.


You can learn more by clicking on the links below:

  1. How to install on a Mac
  2. How to install on a PC
  3. Security
  4. FAQ on FileMaker Server
  5. FAQ on FileMaker Pro
  6. FAQ on FileMaker Go
  7. FAQ on SUNRISE Contacts
  8. FAQ on Database-Related Issues

Version 2.0.5
  1. A complete update of historical currency rates for all currency symbols covering 1999 to 11 April 2021 in finance.fmp12. Updated API in currency rates script following further changes from the people supplying the data online. We have noticed a need for an API key. As a result, the free downloads of the latest data will be handled by SUNRISE with each new update. If you want to download more data yourself, grab your own key, enter it in the dialog box, and choose your subscription plan. We have also included the best free and unlimited daily and historical currency rates API solution for a limited range of currency symbols as a backup. New currency rates script updated for increased performance.
  2. Fixed an issue in jobs.fmp12 in not being able to copy at a click of the mouse on the URL.
  3. In contacts.fmp12, a new SQL solution to grab gender based on first name means the relationships have been further simplified for improved performance enhancements.
  4. Applied a little neumorphism design effect to the box in preferences layout of contacts.fmp12.
  5. Got the + button to appear when no records exist in a category in infobase.fmp12.
  6. Added feature to enlarge text and enhance Ingredients, Method headings (for recipes) and title automatically in infobase.fmp12.
* Instead of code-signed apps, you only need to check the download file size is equal to the number of bytes shown (see the home page). As a further security measure, only download the software from the SUNRISE home page.