Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory

Revised and Expanded Edition



About this book...

The new fully revised book is now better than ever, with clearer explanations, more examples and pictures, and comes with the latest research into the ageing process and a restructured and refined chapter on the link between light and God.

This is the easiest book ever written on the final great theory of Einstein.

What is the link between the electromagnetic and gravitational fields? How does one field generate the other and vice versa? How do we explain gravity and universal gravitation? Do we live in a purely electromagnetic universe? And are we facing the reality of only one fundamental force of nature responsible for all phenomenon in the Universe?

Indeed, did Einstein succeed with his work? Is there anything we can apply from his work that could transform society and how we think about the Universe? Will there be new technologies to emerge from this work?

You owe it to yourself to find out by reading this unique book.

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