Roswell Revealed

Revised and Expanded Edition


Part 1: The Essential History (14 minutes 25 seconds)

Part 2: The Research (35 minutes 14 seconds)

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The book that started the controversy in the United States, with its remarkable insight into the dark-grey nickel-titanium (NiTi) shape-memory alloy known as nitinol and its link to the Roswell foil and the secret work carried out by the USAF after 1947 into nitinol and other titanium-based shape-memory alloys, is now fully revised and expanded. This edition contains the latest information on nitinol’s physical properties and history, including a new chapter that looks at alternative materials and explains how likely it is that these materials could be used to explain the Roswell foil.

Was the Roswell foil nitinol or some NiTi-X variant? Can we assume the USAF did not work on shape-memory alloys in the late 1940s? Could it, or any other entity in the world, have created nitinol or any other titanium-based shape-memory alloy in 1947 and in quantities sufficient to build a large weather balloon or aircraft to carry passengers and pilots? And what exactly did crash in July 1947 that prompted the USAF to keep quiet about the shape-memory foil and the “victims” found on a local rancher’s property?

You be the judge as the book explores the latest history behind the Roswell case and further scientific insights into the mysterious shape-memory foil found by witnesses, all in an easy-to-read book.

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