Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory

Revised and Expanded Edition

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ISBN: 978 0 994282 68 2 (U.S. English)
ISBN: 978 0 994282 67 5 (Intern. English)
Number of pages: 542
Non Fiction / Science
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Want to know the secret behind Einstein's final great theory? Now you can. The link between light and gravity is finally elucidated in this remarkably easy to read book. The key is a time-varying electromagnetic field. Also known as radiation, the oscillating electromagnetic field has the potential to solve the biggest problems of science from a purely electromagnetic perspective. Forget the idea of a mysterious gravitational field that we still cannot understand how it works (other than to rely on the complex mathematics describing the curvature of space-time from Einstein's General Theory of Relativity), or even the mysterious strong and weak nuclear forces holding matter together. Why have these strange forces of nature if it is possible to unify them all under the umbrella of electromagnetism? Everything can be explained using light, or radiation, as the one and only fundamental force of nature in the universe. This unique insight explores the brave new world Einstein has opened up for all of us thanks to his final amazing theory. Included are new explanations for the mystery of gravity and universal gravitation, the famous double-slit experiment in quantum theory, the size and age of the universe, how the protons stay together in the nucleus, the secret to immortality, the link between light and God, and much more.

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