Mystery Solved

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About this book

UFOs have been observed since antiquity and continue to be spotted to this day. While many can be explained under a range of natural and man-made phenomena, such as planets, stars, comets, aircraft and weather balloons, to name a few, including the occasional hoaxes and hallucinations (which is why the term Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, or UAP has been introduced to cover the full gamut of non-flying and those seen through the imagination scenarios as well as genuine and mysterious-looking solid flying objects), a small hard-core percentage of genuine flying objects seen up close and personal and having a distinctly symmetrical design have mystified scientists for decades by providing considerable details of a strange symmetrical metallic and glowing object flying in the air.

It is without a doubt that we are dealing with a solid and real flying object. This fact is abundantly clear when we see in the Belgium UFO case of 1989-90 more than 30,000 witnesses describing the same triangular UFO, and was detected on radar and confirmed by Belgium pilots that tried to intercept the object. This is not a hallucination. Nor can people be hoaxing the event if too many are honest about seeing the same object.

The correct term for what we are dealing with here is definitely UFOs. Therefore, the questions we need to be asking in this situation are as follows:

  1. What are these genuine symmetrical UFOs?
  2. Can these UFOs advance science in terms of a new technology that humans can use to build and explain the complete range of common UFO observations witnesses have been reporting for a long time?

Among the interesting common UFO observations to emerge from the reports include buzzing sounds reminiscent of an electrical generator when in operation, flashing bright glowing regions and how the frequency of the flashing affects the speed of the object, the presence of an external antenna, observations in certain UFOs of movable or fixed fuselages or protrusions around the central symmetrical body having common and highly specific positions to help with either accelerating or staying stationary, light beams emerging from beneath the UFO, the ability of the occupants to float in the light beam or partially float in the air near the UFO, the strange "S-pattern", sinusoidal, zig-zag, spiralling and bouncing back and forth with drift motion flight behaviours, the highly manoeuvrable nature of the objects, and how these objects can accelerate in an unusual non-linear and dramatic way not seen in any man-made aircraft available today. And, of course, witnesses have seen the emergence of strange looking mostly short and universally thin humanoid occupants.

After looking at various UFO cases from around the world, a university physics graduate and researcher has identified the electromagnetic technology lying at the heart of genuine UFOs.

This book explains the technology, and all the common observations made by witnesses.

Updated book for 2024 coming soon

Latest update to be released in the coming months will be more detailed than ever before. Full and complete UFO cases are presented to help highlight all the best and most common UFO observations, and full scientific explanations provided in two chapters (the "concept", and the "explanations" for all UFO observations). This book solves the mystery regarding the type of electromagnetic flying object people have been observing. The concept is well-known. The technology is self-evident. The explanations are at hand. This new book consolidates everything we know today in such incredible detail and realism. It will include the latest 3D artist impressions, AI enhanced and upscaled photographs of people and UFOs to bring the subject to life and with clarity like never before. This book will set itself apart from all other books on the subject by literally solving the mystery as it should have been done decades ago.

By the time this book is released, the veil of mystery behind the UFO will be completely removed and humans can begin the quest to build their own electromagnetic flying vehicles.

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