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Education, Research, FileMaker Pro

Support SUNRISE in its work

We are an Australian research centre

For our independent software and research work, you will only find us at this Australian web site. We are not affiliated in any way with any international web site or businesses with the same name including:

  • Sunrise Information Services Ltd (Ilford, UK) — A dormant company that once offered credit services in the agricultural industry (run by Tirath Singh Gill).
  • Sunrise Information Service Inc (208 Garfield St, Edison, New Jersey, 08820-1762, USA) — A company listed under the category of information and referral services (run by Jaimini Patel).
  • Sunrise Information Service Inc (North Richland Hills, Texas, USA) — A company offering unknown services (run by Craig Carrico).

Our privacy policy

In the wake of the European Union laws (see English version here) governing personal data and the protection of your privacy, here is our policy on this matter:

Email messages

We keep emails you send to us to help with our research. The information is not used for any other purposes except for research. We do not, under any circumstances, sell or knowingly distribute the emails to outside companies (the exception here would be Yahoo as it will receive the emails and place them in our inbox, which means its privacy policy is designed to still view the emails of Yahoo users for a short period no matter how quickly we can delete them), the government (it is capable of viewing the information passing through Australian servers as part of its anti-terrorism and other anti-crime laws), or spy agencies (without proper encryption, they can read anything). We consider the sending of emails to us as your consent to share some of your personal details with us as well as the content of the email. All emails are kept on a database that is not linked to this web site or any other online server. Periodically (usually once a year) we will do what is known as a "spring clean", removing old or outdated (unless of historical importance) emails in favour of the latest and most relevant for our research. That is the extent by which we use your emails and any messages you send to us.

If you do not want to provide us with personal details but do wish to send us information for our research, you can do this anonymously. For example, our message sender page allows you the option to enter a fake email address and/or not to give your real name. As for sending emails direct to our email address as stated on this page, you can do this with greater privacy through a variety of online anonymous emailers, such as W3-Anonymous Remailer. Combine this with a strong privacy-protected browser such as Tor, your IP address will also be completely anonymous. And as a final level of security, you can also encrypt the contents of your email and send us via a separate delivery method the password and we will maintain the highest confidentiality in the information you provide. For a high-grade email ancryption solution you can use to send emails to us, try GPG Suite for Mac users, or GPG4win for Windows users.


Our GuestBook page retains your email address, name (you can be anonymous), password, and your messages. Passwords are always encrypted, so please do not ask us to give you (or someone else claiming to be acting on your behalf) the password. If you forget the password, you must reset it and click the link we send you to your email address. Comments you provide on this page are considered by SUNRISE to be approved and given with your full and explicit consent for all to read. Periodically (usually once a year) we will do what is known as a "spring clean", removing old or outdated (unless of historical importance) comments in favour of the latest and most useful for our research.

Purchasing books from this web site

Regarding the purchasing of books from our web site, we only retain your personal details, including address for sending your books, just long enough to display your tax invoice and deliver the books. Afterwards, we destroy your personal details except for suburb, city and postal code and the amount for tax purposes up to a period of 7 years. If you purchase the books through PayPal, this company will have its own privacy policy. Please check its privacy policy as it will be different to us in the sense that your details with PayPal will be kept on our PayPal records for a certain length of time (at least 12 months), and afterwards on PayPal's own records until such time as it feels the data is not relevant or required (as deemed by the tax office).

Purchasing software from this web site

When it comes to software products, any license key or code we supply to you will be kept on a database together with your name and email address (or postal address, although in most cases it will be by email). There is no need for us to keep any other personal details unless you specifically want us to do so. For example, a telephone number may be kept if you give consent (i.e., you provide this on the PayPal order form) because you wish to be notified of software updates or upgrades.

Who to contact for privacy matters

If you have any further questions about our privacy policy, or wish to submit a request to view all emails we have kept from you, please feel free to send them to our email address above with the subject heading "Privacy Enquiry".