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When you download SUNRISE Contacts from us, you will receive:

1. Contacts CRM

Your contacts relationship management (CRM) solution. Using efficient and lean design (1), this self-contained solution for PC and Mac leverages the power and features of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, and several powerful free plug-ins developed by SUNRISE to give you a powerhouse solution and all written from the ground up to be spyware-free and privacy-protected, as you would expect of a product of this type.

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2. Standard lookups
(the "Essential Collection")

Import, retain and analyse your financial transactions from all accounts. Simplify transactions with your own personalised category system. Use it to quickly organise your business transactions and prepare Business Activity Reports for the Tax Office. Comes with graphs, over 20 years of currency exchange rates from the European Central Bank, depreciation tables, credit card number validator, car travel record, and more.

Keep track of job adverts, position details, and job applications. Re-use or modify existing selection criteria responses and application letters quickly. Make tiny adjustments as you need for each job, such as a new address and name of recruitment officer. When you are ready, print (to PDF or paper) your job application. This database will store all your references, certificates and other documents.

A general information organizer. Use it to store recipes, manage your video collections, keep organized your lecture notes or whatever you prefer.

The simplified alternative to Apple iTunes and without all the restrictions. And yes, you can add album artwork quickly and easily. Store and play any number of MP3 (or any QuickTime-compatible) audio files.

A dedicated picture organiser tool to make it easy to find your pictures.

Find postcodes with maps for Australia, Germany, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, China, Turkey and more.

International airport terminal codes with latitude and longitude information, country codes (with EPS flags), local (telephone) area codes and regions, time zones, daylight savings time, distance calculator between any two destinations, and more for the weary traveller.

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3. Additional lookups

Want more? We have additional lookup tools you can add to SUNRISE Contacts to help give you the power to achieve anything with your information. But if you want more, just let us know and we will add the features or functions for you.

SUNRISE Business / Education

Finally, an e-learning presentation tool that doesn't require learning a complicated tool such as Lectora or needing a graphic designer to create attractive pages. You have the simplicity and flexibility of ready-made page designs with drag-and-drop capabilities for all text, images, video, PDFs or enter a URL to create your content. Create any number of lessons containing any number of pages for any number of subjects (or courses) all in one file. Or break up the file into individual subjects (rename the files as elearn_[subject].fmp12"). Includes ability to order lessons, subjects and pages in the correct sequence, or move lessons to other subjects, add multiple choice questions and grab answers from students and give a total mark at the end of a lesson. The questions can come with its own PDF reading material to help the students answer the questions. Do you use QuickTime VR? Then you know you can benefit from virtual reality videos within your presentation. And best of all, this solution allows you to keep the content on your computer, not on a "hope it is working" Cloud server thousands of kilometers away (as well as pay additional costs for the privilege — we hear teachers are not paid enough for their hard work and time limited professional services). Send this tool to your students (they can use the free SUNRISE Contacts or FileMaker Go, or FileMaker Pro to read it), or upload to FileMaker Server to deliver rich HTML5 WebDirect presentations on any web browser. Not sure? Then ask us about organizing your materials and have them presented well in this tool. Cost per page is supplied in the Help section or contact us directly.

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SUNRISE Computer
(the "Nerdy Collection")

Centralised around a Help Desk system for managing issues from users with using IT equipment (printers, scanners, digital cameras, computers, smartphones etc.), as well as purchasing, selling and working out the depreciation of assets. Included are a plethora of reference tables relating to IT, such as error codes for major OS platforms, IP-to-Country converter, keyboard codes. RAM size conversion tools, and more.

A single product (for publishing articles) or multi product (for catalogues) web page generator designed to streamline your web site management experience. Store your entire web site, perform easy uploads direct to your server, preview web pages, and make use of powerful search and replace functions. Bonus feature: Comes with a powerful HTML clean up tool for those messy Microsoft Word HTML documents (or from any other text processing app), as needed to create streamlined ePub, Kindle and other eBook products.

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SUNRISE Research
(the "Truth Seeker Collection")

Avid gardeners and plant lovers will find this one useful. Use it to organise all your intimate knowledge and information about your favourite plants. Store your garden design plans, and more.

Centralised around a library information management system consisting of a digital storage and search solution for electronic documents or as a library catalogue system for paper-based resources, you will have a plethora of reference tables and conversion tools you might need for your research or line of work. Includes Dewey Decimal Classifications (DDC), Library of Congress Classifications (LCC) scheme, Book Industry Standards And Communications (BISAC), Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI), and links to RDA and MARC, so you know exactly where to find the information and how to organise your catalogue system. For everyone else, just search and read.

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SUNRISE Travel Extras
(the "Globe Trotter Collection")

Latitude and longitude information for millions of towns and cities around the world. Used by various lookup databases to gather latest geographical location information. Definitely no excuses for not being able to find a place anywhere in the world.

Dictionaries with Google translation. Comes with Spanish. German, French, Chinese (Simplified), Italian, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Arabic, Greek, SMS, Emoticons etc. More than 80 languages in total. Enter your Google API for immediate translation from English to a foreign language automatically and vice versa. And a sneaky way to grab large batches of translations from Google quickly and easily if you don't have a Google API.

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