]> Our nearest stellar neighbours

Our nearest stellar neighbours

The essentials

As we are fast coming to the moment when humanity will discover extraterrestrial life and the type of technology we can implement today in the world of electromagnetism to allow humans to travel to the stars, it is important that we have a good grasp of our local cosmic neighbourhood of stars.

Want to know about your nearest stars? Not those from Hollywood, but the ones within 12 light years of the Sun and the likely places we will find extraterrestrial life. Of course, we can expect so much more once we venture out to the stars. For now, scientists already have enough essential information to know where extraterrestrial life is likely to be found, and hence where we should go when we travel out there.

Did you know Alpha Centauri is the nearest and best bet for finding an alien civilisation? This section will explain why (and clearly the first port-of-call to visit once we develop the new electromagnetic flying technology), as well as those other stars near to our Sun.

Please note that mass and luminosity data of stars are relative to the Sun; stellar distances are in light years; and one astronomical unit is the average distance from the Earth to the Sun. The information presented in this section was gathered from various astronomical books and journals and should provide a fairly accurate look at our nearest stellar neighbours. For a brief description of the stars within a certain range from our Sun, please click on one of the distances of interest below.

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    Where are they located?
    4 stars
  3. 4.3 TO 8.2 LIGHT YEARS
    3 stars
  4. 8.2 TO 9.5 LIGHT YEARS
    5 stars
  5. 9.5 TO 11 LIGHT YEARS
    4 stars
  6. 11 TO 11.5 LIGHT YEARS
    7 stars
  7. 11.5 TO 12.5 LIGHT YEARS
    7 stars
    Could ETs be lurking nearby?
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