Are We Alone?

Arguably the ultimate question behind any discussion about extraterrestrial life has always been this: Is there life in the universe? In trying to find an answer, we know the Earth is certainly a fine example of this, and no sensible scientist anywhere on the planet will ever attempt to deny this fact. Not even the most rational types since it can be seen with their own eyes. Of course, whether intelligent life does exist on this planet could be a hotly debated topic in scientific circles given the current state of world affairs, but at least we know there is life on this planet. Nevertheless the presence of one planet is never enough to convince the more rational types in our community They can always argue until the cows come home that it is all a fluke of nature. The chances of happening are just mathematically stacked against us and the formation of life on Earth as we see it. Yet something must have happened. We are here. Therefore, it must be a miracle and we are the first to arrive in this universe. Well, someone has to start first, right? In that case, it might as well be us.

With this possibility in mind, the question needs to change to one that asks, What about beyond the Earth? Are we alone? Or is the universe teeming with life?

Following the SUNRISE publication of Can UFOs Advance Science? A New Look at the Evidence (after 30 September 2013), we have the closest answer yet to how real this "life beyond the Earth" scenario is. The discovery of a new electromagnetic technology in the UFO reports based on the Abraham-Lorentz formula (a poorly understood area of advanced electromagnetism) means that we should have the answer. The fact that the required accelerating forces to cover enormous distances seem present in the mathematical solution to the Abraham-Lorentz formula describing this emission of high-frequency electromagnetic waves from a high-voltage (or charged) surface are there, it seems we are at the critical end of solving the technological problem of interstellar problem and the question of, Are we alone? At the moment there is no reason why it cannot happen. Photon emissions from an uncharged surface provide dismal forces. Yet this is the only thing to interest NASA and certain private organisations through such proposals as the solar sail when using the continuous power of radiation from the Sun (which diminishes with distance one might add) to accelerate objects into deep space, and only an alien laser beam of sufficient power transmitted into space could possibly amplify the forces and maintain the pushing force for longer. Now, on realising how radiation is actually moving the charged particles making up solid matter (1), large-scale electromagnetic waves coming off a charged surface has the potential to move much more charged particles and with it the crystalline structure of solid matter. Electromagnetic waves are affecting the charged particles. We are talking about an amplification effect through electric charge. But it doesn't stop there. Frequency of the radiation also plays an important role too. The higher the frequency, the greater the "jolting effect" on the charged particles by the radiation. Like the piston in a car engine, the faster the piston moves, the faster and smoother the ride. Likewise, it is the same with frequency. Finally, once the charged surface accelerates, it generates an additional electromagnetic field that can multiply the original electromagnetic wave emission. It means we have a runaway exponential result in the recoiling force over time as generated by the electromagnetic wave and the presence of the accelerating charge. The only problem scientists have in not realising the reality of this approach is because no one knows how to direct radiation in one direction in order to see the movement through a recoiling force much like the hot gases does to a rocket when it comes out. There is a secret to this method, and only a study of UFO reports will reveal the answer.

At any rate, once testing proves this mathematical claim, the implications will be enormous. Just on the SETI question, the implications of this technology is clear when we realise that extraterrestrial life almost certainly has to exist, and it has evolved to an intelligent level to build an electromagnetic technology capable of reaching our planet. We say almost because without one of these UFOs and its occupants falling into the hands of the scientist for analysis, there will always be some scientists who will pooh-pooh the idea. It is understandable. Scientists prefer to see things with their own eyes. That is how they are trained. Even if the technology is built and could take people to the stars, there will still be some scientists who will remain forever skeptical until they get inside the spacecraft, reach another life-bearing world, and watch the native lifeforms go about their activity. Fair enough. So long as they, or anyone else, don't stop the advancement of science and the people who will do the testing of the technology, it should be possible to quell even the most skeptical minds on the planet given enough time. All it takes is getting the support, and the testing will help to make it all become a reality in due course.

We are finally at the critical stage of discovering just how real the situation is right now.

But let us assume we do not know this (or do not wish to believe it until we build one of these machines for ourselves). Somehow a number of people have already suspected extraterrestrial life has always existed but could not prove it in the past. A classic example are the great thinkers throughout human history who have argued for the existence of extraterrestrial life. Much of their argument has been on the basis of shear numbers of stars in the universe and translating it to a field of millet and trying to imagine the field growing only one grain. It just seemed inconceivable at the time that we could be the only ones to exist in this universe.

Today, scientists think along similar lines thanks to the shear numbers of stars. We can choose any corner of space, try to look as far as you can with the most powerful telescopes and you will be greeted with the sight of billions of galaxies. Yet a typical galaxy can have literally billions of stars. Just in our Milky Way alone, we have an estimated 100 billion stars. And our nearest galactic neighbour — the Andromeda galaxy — has more than 400 billion stars. These numbers are mere drops in the ocean of the universe. When faced with this overwhelming numbers game it is not surprising to find more and more scientists supporting the ancient Greek philosophers.

Milky Way, viewed edge on as seen from Earth.

Yet despite such positive views, there will be some people who will continue to think we are the only ones in the universe. Perhaps these are the more religious types — the ones who just can't imagine a universe of other creatures who could be as communicative and intelligent as we are. Something about God favouring humans and no one else.

Or it could be the United States military,. especially within the Air Force, who may already have picked up one of these UFOs and its occupants and will do everything in its powers to deny the existence of ETs just to hide the evidence from the scientific community.

Or perhaps some scientists are just too rational and reliant on their eyes to realise there is something greater going on, and only good imagination tempered with a little rational thinking can uncover the previously unseen patterns?

Whatever the truth, let us begin this discussion by looking more closely at the key statements in support of the existence of extraterrestrial life, both past and present. Later, we will examine the essential scientific evidence available today upon which such favourable views are being based. Then we will balance this discussion, as it should always be done with any controversial topic, with the essential views from the skeptics. And finally, it is important to conclude this discussion by stating just how probable life is in the universe based on the evidence.

As for a definitive answer, there are several ways this can be done, as we shall see in this section. But if we are willing to open our minds to all possible avenues to extraterrestrial life, a study of UFO reports should never be ignored. To do so would be foolish indeed.